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Shorland Patrol Car

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T34 WW2 MBT 1242 SAA musuem joburg - South African Artillery exhibit Just to keep you happy and to prove I am not a total train spotter Panther tank during the battle of the Bulge, source SAA musuem joburg - Soviet APC Chieftain Shorland Patrol Car 4966 Stompie M4 Sherman, Bayeaux, Normandy 16 Tp D Sqn 3 RTR.BATUS 1980's batus 1991 Part of a turret Are tankies good drivers? 4/7RDG Simfire Trials SPTA 1975
  1. theoriginalphantom
  2. black_maskers
    No sir were not lost, we're just over there next to that stone wall.
  3. BashaBasher
    Me too, How Fast Duz It Go?
  4. fastmedic
    The Shoreland, good bit of kit at the time.Tell me more LT. PM me if you would? :D
  5. 19hole
    Are you possitive the border is over there? :?