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What was that big bright light?.....Oh, bugger.. Yummy yummy Okay here it is a picture of the BBC New Iraqi camouflage techniques 502 MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... 574 shakespeare So, it is possible to be smart in CS95 1250 1393 ACF under Menin Gate, Belgium looking from outside in 1756 Turkish side of Cyprus. Italy'05
  1. semper
    'twas no greater English man that has graced English language with such nobility
  2. Ozgerbobble
    "Your face is as a book, where men may read strange matters." Macbeth
  3. Cutaway
    "Forsooth ! Yonder gentleman hath more hair than I" Canteen Cowboy
  4. TheLordFlasheart
    Is that a picture of Russ Abbott?