sarajevo 95.

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  1. chocolate_frog
    Seems a bit rural for Sarajevo....
  2. ham-shank
    ex-rep you are a throbbing knobber of the highest order. Bosnia my arrse! If you were in the REP why is your beret insignia from one of the REI Regiments? Secondly, had you really been on ops in Sarajevo you would hardly have put a Bouchon de tir à blanc (BTB) on at the end of your FAMAS canon, would you? Walt!
    mine awaerness training didnt sink in to the gadgy on a bimble
  4. Idontgetit
    Gun -superimposed :? looking odd there...
  5. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    he actually looks superimposed onto the background, walting chopper.