SAA musuem joburg - Me262 in airforce hall

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Grandfather, 1925. Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA R. Lt Raymond VC Sealand Ranges Four South Shields Khanoplers Graebner's Attack by david pentland SAA musuem joburg - Me262 in airforce hall glassmullin DH9 Air Ambulance, Z Force, Somalia, 1919 The other team Rendsburg 1918 5801 Plaque of Wellington's birthplace in Dublin DCC- Shrivenham The late Trevelyan (Trev) Lewis (RN)'s medals.
  1. strut_jack
    End of WW2 SA pilot invited to check out captured aircraft and 'see if there's anything you'd like' picked couple of Me262s as trophies for the SA Airforce. Boxed up and shipped south for him, was a bit embarrassed/surprised when a bill addressed to him personally arrived for aircraft .
  2. black_maskers
    raf regt shot the first one down, in the second world war two, by ground fire
  3. sandmanfez
    Was it on the back of a truck at the time?