Royals going at it during operation Volcano

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Local shop in Kabul Sangin humour. 5494 500lb Bomb (FOB Keenan) Marine KIA IN Afghanistan Nomad Boy Literally giving the taliban a roasting in sangin!!! Royals going at it during operation Volcano 5495 German Fallschirmjaeger - repatriation, Kunduz Oct 2008 Daybreak, Upper Gereshk Valley Op Herrick 10 - 2 RIFLES patrol returning to FOB Inkerman -Michael YON report Royal Scots  mentoring ANA patrol - Helmand June 2010 Kings Palace, Kabul A Coy and Patrols Pl (3 Para) in Nal Zad. Op Volcano
  1. ark-angel
    With the cold steel attached, Because they dont like it up em!!!
  2. bobath
    If your sense on humour is broken you can always get it a new one from the QM.
  3. alex3409
    On the front cover of the recently released book 'In Foreign Fields' by Dan Collins.
  4. bobthebrit
    good one deputy
  5. Johntheone
    In a 2 page spread in men's health