Roof cover

Roof cover,Green 4,Basrah 2004
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Big_Ks holiday home Digging in! Swimming What a IED does to an ambulance Fortress lines from the air Whoops Soldiers getting out of a helicopter Roof cover 1.5MW Generator being lifted into place Border Fort Catching rays Chinook Inbound 3 RHA on TELIC taxi The big push Foden changing Chinook bit-that-hold-the-rotors together
Roof cover,Green 4,Basrah 2004
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Arent you supposed to be on some kind of lookout? you need a kick up the arrse, cant see bugger all if youre posing for happy snaps!
  2. strikeforce
    Yes we all do want the pipe to be full of rancid piss, then bursting on you you fat tw*t!
  3. newy921
    can`t a bloke have a dump in peace and quiet??