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Mind you, I'd hate to be Grey Forces as well...
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Mind you, I'd hate to be Grey Forces as well...
  1. Taffnp
    Should oppress them all the way to the docks where they can board a raft for a non oppressive regime
  2. lash
    Should revoke their citizenship (which in the UK is a privilege not a Right) then show them the exit with a list of "liberal" and "tolerant" Moslem countries like Saudi Arabia, Eygpt, Syria or the great islamic paradise on earth Iran.
  3. Kneeslider
    Put up or fcuk off and die is what I say. When we're in their fu**ing countries we have to put up or ship out. We can't do anything. *****.
  4. still21inmymind
    Are these the same Muslims who's doctors refuse to learn about any condition that offends, or make non-practicing Muslim women wear headscarves before they will treat them. Yepp, sound oppressed to fcuk to me.
  5. xmg79
    funnily enough - I dont think this 'demo' actually came to anything.Fact is the bulk of muslims in the UK just want to get on with life...just angry little tossers looking for a fight.And in Helmand theyre geting that fight...