Rifle No.1 mk.III

This is the rifle the British and Empire (Commonwealth) soldier carried throughout two great...
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6553 MG42/3 3404 SLR, the new rifle. 6758 7287 Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt Rifle No.1 mk.III 95th Foot circa 1854 Northover Projector Hogleg Vickers MG, Manchester Regt, Troodos Cyprus 1937 British Soldier Afghanistan M60 The Yankz FN MAG 3405
This is the rifle the British and Empire (Commonwealth) soldier carried throughout two great Wars,
and countless smaller ones. It can be taken out in the rain without having to put in a plastic bag, is just about soldier proof, will shoot out to a 1000 yards and beyond and withstood both the conditions of the Western Front and the Western Desert.
  1. stoatman
    c'mon, we need date, factory, whether it has cutoff, dial sights & windage arm etc etc etc! Oh, and Semper, for recoil try a Mauser k98k, a No.5 or a Springfield :D
  2. Cutaway
    SMLE, a kick ? 8O Hold it properly and it's a great rifle to shoot.
    See Stoaty's suggestions, or better yet try a G33/40 ! Looks like there's a cutoff on it,
    else maybe the self-abuse has caught up with my eyesight at long last.
  3. SMLE
    This rifle was made by BSA some time between the wars and was sold commercially (there are no military markings anywhere on it) and regulated by Fultons of Bisley. Stoatman, yes it dose have a cut-off and windage rear sight. Ricewind, send me a P.M if you whant one.
  4. semper
    cuts and stoaty, i will certainly hope to try out the other rifles as and when the opportunity arises the other bolt action rifle i had fired were the Moisin Nagant, colt as well as other specially made 7.62 rifles for range use only, im trying it all out before i get myself a FAC and buy a rifle :D
  5. SMLE
    Semper: Take your self to the Otmoor Ranges on 7th. May '05. There will be the chance to try out all sorts of rifles.