Rhodri Morgan MP - Shaibah March 1st 2005

...captions please.
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...captions please.
  1. London_Jock
    At least his CBA is done up, unlike the 'blue red blue is bulletproof' character behind him...
  2. Touch_it
    Anyone seen my Filly?
  3. showman00
    The last time he was due at a big event, the D Day Annisversary , he went to watch a game of golf at the Celtic Manor in Newport instead, look like hes found the sand trap again! No wonder the lad gave him the HI-VIS flak jacket, was there a bulls eye on the back as well.
  4. Taffnp
    I do say old chap what time does the polo match start - I must say I have never played from camelback before. It should be spiffing.
  5. silverstar189
    i remember a vip coming round with ian duncan smith....not sure if its him, but i remember we ended up having an interesting convo about trying to get porn on the computers there. again not 100per cent, but was definitely some sort of politician!