Rememberance day 05, Me at front

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IMBER Ville 2005 412 hard at work Mount Pleasant from the roof of Hangar 13 The last of The Mighty Line! The Fat Lady Singing 201 Bty 100 reg Q staff Flying the flag Rememberance day 05, Me at front GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN this used to be me as well, back in 2004 Porton battle Run 2008 6613 Andrew Marr show trailer H4H Pool & Gym complex at Defence medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, Surrey lib Brooke Barracks Main Square
  1. marco_poloroid
    wot i wanna know is; what are the hitler youth and roger whittaker doing in the background
  2. pickledjelly
    nice to see some cadets on here.. but for gods sake what is wrong with that sea cadet and that army cadet needs brooms fastening to her arms. but why black your face out? confused.
  3. jobsworth
    Lanyard on the left, teeth arms or support??/
  4. celticwarrior3551
    WALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  5. JackH
    the fecking elite of walts!