Remember these?

Did anyone ever actually use them??
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Did anyone ever actually use them??
  1. shagnasty
    Used them in the late fifties. As a youngster didn't see too many pounds but they were down to a shilling. Once got hold of a two shilling and sixpence note for pocket money whilst at boarding school. They were issued to families to use in the NAAFI. Most families opted for a mix of BAFS & DM so as to shop in the NAAFI and the local German shops. There was a bit of a 'black market' as I recall - in exchange.
    Used them in Berlin in late 60's. Xchange rate fiddle meant you could make 30% profit each time you exchanged BAFS/Pounds?Marks though I can't exactly remember how it worked.
  3. fdj12
    used them in berlin about 75, believe
  4. 19hole
    I used them in Berlin as late as 78 :eek:
  5. Padrat
    still got a 50p baf from the big naafi berlin