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  1. Perevodchik
    You didn't want that Afghanistan medal then?
  2. AbsoluteJEM
    Sh*t! Something's eaten your face! 8O
  3. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Id be embarressed to go on parade with so few medals!!
  4. scaleybac
    The truth behind the user name? What some dick wanting to show off a few medals, and a blacked up face? Are you a blak and white minstrel on the side? Forgotten to draw on your mouth and face?
  5. catchyerselfon
    This aint me i aint a Ginger Rupert! I monged it trying to upload a phot into a thread before i found Imageshack. How dare he think i am me (even tho' i biffed it) My Avatar is what i look like!