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Longdrop - Al Amarah airfield More from the defence cut backs. The lads get the hump about new mobile patrols. Lake Afghanistan 4637 We start them young in Oz Peacetime Investment beer REG Vs ROYAL Back in the Day Light gun and GTV in ditch Windy or what Life Guards KAPE Tour Hits Iraq The Assault Pioneers do it again... T shirt For all you Signals peeps 4563
  1. Goatman
    ......uh huh.....the other difference will be the 9 months of training ( RM) vs " 4 hours useable combat life" ( Para) :D ( Mne Stoat also appears to have forgotten to pack his little black number....)
  2. Bisley_Bob
    No magazine on the para's rifle either
  3. 52niagra
    Spot the difference? easy, the one on the right is intelligent!!