Recon through the ages

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  1. smallbrownprivates
    recon? skeletons wnaking in a biscuit tin make less noise
  2. max-max-max
    No i used recon as it is an yank picture, ie. the Strykers, though I doubt they had knights :s
  3. dog_soldier
    more drivel from wannabe max
  4. Geordie_Blerk
    Utter, utter pish.
  5. Rusty_Harlequin
    A cavalryman in light or no armour would be Recce for its day, as others have referred, as for the Strykers we've always got FRES to look forward to........ as the rest of our armour is going to have to last us another fifty years before we can afford to replace them (ahh the good old 432's..... I mean Bulldogs) :x