PVCP 1988

Cloghue VCP from the mountain before it was redecorated.<br />
I spent my last 18 days in...
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Cloghue VCP from the mountain before it was redecorated.
I spent my last 18 days in uniform as a reg on this bl00dy hill.
The spelling may be off, the nearest settlement is Cloughoge
  1. The-Daddy
    is the spelling correct? Is it not Clogher on the Monaghan border?
  2. ugly
    Nope its on the A1 between Newry and the Border
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  3. Crusader1
    This built on the A1 just outside Newry by the Sappers once D Coy 1RWF had dug a full defensive position on the 2 or 3rd Jan ’88. It took us 36 hrs in solid rain to dig in by hand with 3 man trenches, sleeping bays, wire and full OHP - mortar threat was v high. The northern Pl trenches flooded to waist deep for a couple of days during the Op. Temp was below freezing at night. Never a dry sock - happy days