Pte J Caffrey VC Yorks and Lancs TA

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The truth - courtesy of Beau Bo D'Or 7 Rifles G Company.West Ham. 7 Rifles,G Coy,West Ham.Inside the main hall. Possibly 2/6th DLI or 21st Notts and Derbys Pte J Caffrey VC Yorks and Lancs TA 2/6th DLI Concertparty and orchestra Clacton on sea 1917?
  1. out@last
    Any idea what the chap did to earn the VC?
  2. Its_a_troop!!
    He was 24 years old, and a private in the 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, British Army during the First World War. more here
  3. Hagar
    Search from here www. (remove spaces)