PD on Guitar

PD with dodgy MSPaint moustache
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Cross Fell ATL on A young Auld_Slapper Ascension '83. A pair of tits 752 793 Me. PD on Guitar 1387 1491 I've only got a new t-shirt Linemanloz only me :) untitled thats me Lash acting Troodos Jan 2006
PD with dodgy MSPaint moustache
  1. DozyBint
    & there was me thinking it was real & you were one of THEM! :roll: :lol:
  2. Poppy
    No he would be wearing those wraparound shades if he was one of THEM dozy :lol:
  3. Sleeper_service
    Is that "The Blue Oyster" club?
  4. PoisonDwarf
    I'm not good looking enough to be gay. Don't suit them tight white teeshirts etc.