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Paveway_3 just before he starts 1 1/2 hours of puking

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Snow White minus the 7 dwarf's 2 readyfourzero on holiday in NW Oz 1269 The Lash Recently Man test Me and my Bros... 2807 Paveway_3 just before he starts 1 1/2 hours of puking 3585 Telic8 4549 HK 1970? 4820 5341 Me, yay, aren't I the epitome of wide eyed bushy tailed youthful enthusiasm! My Helmet
  1. pentwyn
    Hitler i hear you were born out of a test tube minus your brain cells :D :D :D
  2. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    Hmmmm going by the time you posted - you were obviously up all night trying to come up with that riposte. :roll: And no it wasn't a test tube it was a bucket with a hole in the bottom on a farm. You recycled abortion. :roll: (Apologies to paveway_3)
  3. paveway_3
    Yer cheers guys for comments they are really funny go ruin your own photos
  4. Gonzo
    Boo Hoo
  5. pentwyn
    Hitler no i was not up all night , i just went to another location for a couple of weeks xxx