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Pass out

24 weeks at Costa del Catterick finally over
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looking from outside in 1756 Turkish side of Cyprus. Italy'05 bears 2446 halloween Pass out Just prior to being hogtied... I am not afraid! 4913 me a few years ago. 5952 6209 The morning after the night before 6860
24 weeks at Costa del Catterick finally over
  1. jase2472
    congrats mate welcome to the best family in the world :lol:
  2. Rod924
    Now don't forget, to tell the Cpls to fcuk off when you join the Bn 8O
  3. kidneywiper
    well done shame they disbanded the best r.anglian battalion
  4. Moon_Monkey_Spunk
    get some medals on that chest you feckin sprog!
  5. AnglianGuard
    Well done, do the Poachers proud mate! I'm an ex Poacher myself, I left way back in 1992. ;)