Para Insight course

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  1. danotano
    go on...wear that top when you get the train up to depot.. i dare ya lol
  2. Taffnp
    We need a follow up pic of those who actually passed the course
  3. bodie
    who is the belter dead centre...? is his right arm glued to his body?
  4. Ubique_john
    id rather they disbanded the para regiment if this is what happens
  5. kaostheory
    One actually made it through to battalion ( not me ). The south african guy, middle on the right. The guy front centre right managed a week at Catterick and opted for an easier regiment. I managed till week 8 and got discharged for piling in on a march. Potter opted to join the signals. And whoever mentioned about the chains on guys.. I do feel pretty silly about it now.