Outside Troop Hanger Falklands 1987

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dscn0114 This and that HMS Superb off Gibraltar Ice luge Save the Scottish Regiments 1696 motley crew Outside Troop Hanger Falklands 1987 Taken in 1987 outside Troop hanger in the Falklands 2945 Parachuting Branntwein 3470 My BC & BK ala The Krays Ronnie & Reggie East German border watchtower 7121
  1. shortfuse
    i was in 2 adr trop .. i think ours was black .. (the rock that is) where you near the herc flight ??
  2. POM7071
    Our Troop hanger was about 3/4 way round the perry track from the accommodation, near to the Gazelle Flight.
  3. shortfuse
    i've got a picture of me laying on top of that rock ... excused boots :D and wearing dessies
  4. BitterandTwistedArtisan
    dessies in the Falklands?