Operation Catalyst

Photo by: CPL Rob Nyffenegger<br />
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Caption: Fire Mission! British AS90...
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Photo by: CPL Rob Nyffenegger

Caption: Fire Mission! British AS90 crew fire High Explosive rounds from Camp Terendak.

Mid Caption: Running through live-firing drills - a British AS90 Braveheart 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer position in Camp Terendak, Iraq.

*** Local Caption *** Deep caption: The 516 soldiers of Overwatch Battle Group (West) 4 are mostly drawn from units of the Brisbane-based 7th Brigade. The Battle Group is comprised of the headquarters and cavalry squadrons of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry), operating Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs); and an Infantry company from the 6th Battalion of The Royal Australian Regiment (6 RAR) operating Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles (IMVs).

OBG(W) 4 is based at Tallil Air Base from where it undertakes a security overwatch role for Al Muthanna and Dhi Qar Provinces as part of a larger Coalition Force.

The security role supports the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Provincial Governments efforts to build a secure and stable Iraq. In this role OBG(W) 4 undertakes security patrols, develops ISF capabilities and supports reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. OBG(W) 4 operates as part of the Multi National Force - Iraq (MNF - I).
Using NIKON D200

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