open chute

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Prince Charles, 50th Arnhem Anniversary, 17th September 1994. 5045 Ballooning on Hankley Common halo halo static line halo open chute red devils NBC 5805 6114 ‘MOBILITY TROOP RE-SUPPLY’ DAWN ASSAULT Two paratroopers with their chutes deploying, one upside down. Good Old Days
  1. datumhead
    ok,ok you f'kin parachute....we get it now,FFS!!!
  2. polar69
    Elbows in ankles together knees bent
  3. Geordie_Blerk
    Not when doing all round observation.
  4. polar69
    Fair do's, my parachute experience is limited to parascending like a lunatic in the 80's, it was advisable to ALWAY keep it tucked in when under a PC canopy
  5. legal_eagle
    You've dropped your container and done your obs, so you better get those knees together quick or that landings going to fcukin hurt!!