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WR V's ATK Mine NBC CRARRV 2178 Slovenian APC CVR(T) CRASH 16/01/06 gun Ooops! AFV UglyBlackTank AFV 432 recovery drills 'What ditch?' op granby 521892 CVR(W) FOX - View over range at Warcop Double Parked Chally 1
  1. The_Cheat
    Doesn't look nice...and 14B in the back looks like a 432.. :?
    Edit to add... It looks like it went over the other Chally in the pick! Theres some stray track disappearing under the front of it... and his tracks don't look to fresh either... IIRC some one bought the farm on this one.
  2. showman00
    That is some F******* trip wire they have there!
  3. allyjs
    "Thats the no claims bonus gone then ........bollocks"
  4. Hungwe
    If my old brain serves me correct 14B is the squadron/company ambulance, sadly probably needed in this situation
  5. Tommy_T
    Nice Driving son