one of these is me..............

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HK 1970? 4820 5341 Me, yay, aren't I the epitome of wide eyed bushy tailed youthful enthusiasm! My Helmet Too cheap for a gimp mask The years have not been kkind, unlike my dogs one of these is me.............. Me & Stumpy.A field somewhere 80 ish Really me this time, just after my Spring shearing T34 1270 Gravelbelly, circa 1979 on the lash Ranger_kakaw 2808
  1. spindler
    I have to agree with Filbert Fox here. You'd both get it. 8O
  2. i8crows
    quote should have read "who's that clip-clopping over my bridge" (trolls) :p
  3. sexybomb
    Empty VC10 freighter (or re-fueler) - HOW DID they roll you BOTH on???? "This is your captain speaking - welcome back to Brize Norton from your Op tour. The weather is sh*t outside as usual and oh, for all women onboard - you are now officially ugly again!"
  4. binlid39
    wat a pair of munters, bring on the ladyboys
  5. Taffnp
    No surprise the plane is empty - when the Captain introduced the Stewardesses, they all jumped out..