Once upon a time....

Guess where?
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Ouston, May 1994, aviation support to 201 Gen Hospital TA 1374 2432 The Boys I'm ready for my close up. Sponsored walk evidence it's only me Once upon a time.... 5267 Cyprus 2005 Dave Swimminton Paddy of langdale 6597 7174 Bad CO at Work Rincewind is the Fat bloke with the Queens Colour
Guess where?
  1. Awol
    If one is in the desert, is one 'deserting'? With a name like Awol, maybe I was... :)
  2. ark-angel
    Bugger i thought it was suffield
  3. crabtastic
    Are those jorts??? You flaming hom!
  4. Awol
  5. Sway
    The things you see when you haven't got a tactical Nuke handy.