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i'm the guy in the white top
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The years have not been kkind, unlike my dogs one of these is me.............. Me & Stumpy.A field somewhere 80 ish Really me this time, just after my Spring shearing T34 1270 Gravelbelly, circa 1979 on the lash Ranger_kakaw 2808 1973..... Sponsored walk evidence Atko & Smuge after a long and dusty day Play Girl Phot Shot The fizzog behind the name 4550
i'm the guy in the white top
  1. Murielson
    ...... and who gave her the necklace?
  2. Vonshot
  3. Awol
    Fcuk me you look about 12. Nice of you to take grandma out though.
    Who nailed the Grog at the end of the night
  5. sandmanfez
    Dont you mean who didnt?