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On exercise at aldershot 6877 Army Winter Biathlon 2009 - on the firing line The Chelsea Pensioners, Remembrance Day '09 Tawi in a former life Combat Supplies 87 IJLB September 1981 one platoon of 10 Oman Gan island troop Templer Bks Gym Interior April 21 ; Brits vs Aussies(in green) footy match at Camp Smitty  Iraq Stu hard at work in Albania 2006 An Own Goal for the Taliban NBCtrial The TA Ulster Watchdogs Army Snowboarding Championships - 2009
  1. Ozgerbobble
    cait are you always to be found lurking around bogs in the middle of nowhere................did he check the dunny for camel spiders? :wink:
  2. DozyBint
    Comfy-bum is for use on the ARRSE, not the face... :roll: :lol: