Nurture Marketing Flowchart for New Recruit Enquiries

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pass out phot standards have well slipped .... Stuff East German Border Patrol 88 Ice sculpture luge for Signals wasn't me honest guv Yo-ho-ho Motherf*cker Desperate Ridge Troop, Cyprus '98 Nurture Marketing Flowchart for New Recruit Enquiries Weapons Rack Ive missed green color so I ve got one Found at the bottom of the wardrobe And Now you do. Clever Iraqi cam & and concealment In memory of II Caption Please (2) Kuwait 91 5462
  1. Auld-Yin
    Don't call me, I'll call you?
  2. abacus
    and call you, and call you, and call you - it's the Buy or Die sales strategy :p
  3. TheLordFlasheart
    It was so much easier when a few burly blokes tipped up and boshed you on the heed. Woke up a day later on some god forsaken ship bound for a corner of the Empire. No retention problems then. Marketing, my arrse. Its the fcuking army!!!
  4. abacus
    funnily enough this is what the Army produced because "marketing" would rather put chefs in gliders than recruits in TACs (apparently)