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Not quite as much Sec. 5 stuff as I could put in one photo, but close

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SA80A2 Carbine SA80A2 Carbine 610 Summer Restoration Project - a snip at £100 Aah, them were the glory days I want one of these 5257 Not quite as much Sec. 5 stuff as I could put in one photo, but close GPMG 2149 Now that's a gun. 2200 sweetie Random Shooting - Strensall 05 beard
  1. stoatman
    Cos the man himself told me about it! Fnar fnar!
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    Gunny, the one in question was a stainless 686 in 38spl / 357mag...... you haven't painted a picture of me as a responsible FAC holder so I may aswell confess to blatting Kim in the back with 6 placcy rounds from a snap cap too :D Stoatman, that M19 is very very gay! more masturbation required so you can hold up a proper revolver
  3. stoatman
    It's not as gay as the missus's 4" M66! :D
  4. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    Mighty, the only time you were responsible was when you signed the dotted line to sign off :D Hand guns are not toys, and certainly shouldn't be used around the block to scare young troopers.
  5. Mighty_doh_nut
    Gunny, you whine like a bitch mate, you soon coughed your dinner money when the stainless barrell kissed your top lip :D