Not many of these around now.

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16 Sigs Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA NORMANDY DOCK - ST. NAZAIRE Capt McGillicuddy MC MM Armoured car Bluey Vimmy Ridge Not many of these around now. Armoured train ambush site Malta 1913b Troop Transport - God, they looked Smart in those days! Uncle George Triple D... again Cornelius 1968 - 2006 Epi-centre sign in Hiroshima! Spr. Onions memorial
  1. PartTimePongo
    Is that the Collings foundation one? Where was that taken?
  2. Persian_kitten
    You're close but Colling's is a C-24J "All American" Ex Australian Airforce. This one is a LB-30 production aircraft C-24D "Diamond Lil" belonging at the time to Confederate. Taken at Biggin 1992.