Northern Ireland 1974

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ADU NI Belfast 1973 UDR recruitment leaflet Delta tower, 1986 PVCP 1988 C Company 1 Staffords Mullhouse Camp Lower Falls 1976 Belfast 1974 Northern Ireland 1974 2LI Forkhill 82 GCHQ Macrory Pk Blast wall 1983 2LI Forkhill 82 Derryard 89 Belfast 1974 Ass/pnrs 2LI 82 Londonderry - Bogside
  1. Moodybitch
    You've got bloody long fingers mate!
  2. showman00
    as least hes got a SLR anyone he hit with that stayed hit, either shot ot just the butt end lol
  3. shamrock
    is it long kesh or millgillian
  4. Busta-Gut
    I'll go with Moscow, anybody with a face like that would never be allowed out of the rear.
  5. Taffnp
    Wow some war face