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LYNX - DROP OFF & **** OFF 3305 2 Plt, A Coy, 1 R ANGLIAN, MASONIC PB gasworks ni 8 SUGARLOAF gasworks ni 9 gasworks ni 10 In Memory Of back of gch andersons town C/S 32 Oh Feck... what was that graffiti andersons town 1979 Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams with unnamed supporter 40 regt ra new lodge `77 NI
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Heroes every last one of um! sniff god love um! :roll:
  2. Geordie_Blerk
    Squiffy you might want to edit the pic - some of those blokes are still serving - you gopping hat.
  3. PassingBells
    Which one are you Geordie?
  4. FiveAlpha
    G_B's not in the pic but he's right all the same. I know one of the blokes in the pic and he's most definately still serving.
  5. loaded_not_ready
    If they are wearing green 90 pattern webbing then that it a fcuk of a long time ago and I reckon that none of them would look that young and dashing now!!