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Prince Charles, 50th Arnhem Anniversary, 17th September 1994. 5045 Ballooning on Hankley Common halo halo static line halo open chute red devils NBC 5805 6114 ‘MOBILITY TROOP RE-SUPPLY’ DAWN ASSAULT Two paratroopers with their chutes deploying, one upside down. Good Old Days
  1. Gremlin
    As well as the fact that they appear to wearing SAS rather than Para smocks
  2. padme
    I give up..What's the porn film called? I might get a copie for my gay friend :lol:
  3. still21inmymind
    The Arctic tent's a bit of a giveaway as well. Re-enactors.
  4. Over4MeNow
    Is it me or has the bloke with the ressie and the SLR got a fag in his left hand? And it looks like he's got brown boots on ffs!
  5. still21inmymind
    Its either a fag or terminal arthiritis. Wotathrobber. Hands in pockets, gloves on a Para FFS!