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Light Armor kip canada life viewed from a Bn Photographer Swingfire.  Otterburn Mar 2004. 1198 WR V's ATK Mine NBC CRARRV 2178 Slovenian APC CVR(T) CRASH 16/01/06 gun Ooops! AFV UglyBlackTank
  1. hogspawn
    They're an outstanding body of men, so the rest of you can fcuk off!
  2. Ozgerbobble
    Oooooooh................. Somebody's Tired :lol: Shouldnt that be FUCHS off..........I'll get my coat :roll:
  3. Baghdad-Brit
    Tankies (poor man's cav at that), not Infantry............say no more
  4. cvrtgunner
    at least they have got the balls to do the job unlike cav and grunts that cant do shit
  5. scarletto
    glad to see your a knob still cvrtgunner,found a laddie yet