my three beasts and the wife

see, both my cats canshine on a bright day
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see, both my cats canshine on a bright day
  1. TheLordFlasheart
    Beer cooler? Most people have a fridge. Pikey. If thats a beer cooler, why does it have a CD drive, a 3.5 floppy drive and a few random 'computer like' buttons on it? I doubt youre that posh. Pikey
  2. chocolate_frog
    That is one big ass desktop computer.
  3. shortshelflife
    but then i have zen. blind and need no keyboard or screeen. ****? how am i typing this :)
  4. dextrose
    Wow a year to think up a snappy reply ...god your fast Mr gonzales
  5. Santa_Sunday
    I see you have very wisely decided to keep the wife's kipper out of shot, though her massive fat forearms are still in view. By the way, is that some kind of piss-poor attempt at surround sound on top of your Alba TV...?? WELL..??