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Beamish The mutt! British Bulldog 663 Grommitt's replacement...Rifledog Oliver 2680 I think the dog had been at the booze over christmas My Dog STUMPY-  aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! 6144 6766 Gismo and Bruce.  Friends, really. Op's Dog Correct dog poo duties Span of Satan lola our little baby
  1. sexybomb
    Maybe cause it's the 'PETS Album' Cuts - go figure eh :?
  2. Cutaway
    'Pets' should be a pair of Siberian tigers, White Pointers in the pond or an attack trained rinkals, not these things.
  3. YankMarine
    That's right, humiliate the dog. Look at that expression on his face. Have you no decency!
  4. crabtastic
    Quite right YankMarine. It's clearly wondering exactly when the last remnants of its self-respect got flushed down the pan.
  5. eve1962
    Agree 100% with YankMarine - poor dog doesn't look happy.