My BC & BK ala The Krays Ronnie & Reggie

Taken on Exercise Apollos Charge 06
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Taken on Exercise Apollos Charge 06
  1. Dread
    The bluerk on the left has no wings - was a midshipman in the Navy before joining the Gunners. A bit intense but heart in the right place etc. Was the starring attraction of the Monty Python scetch about a bird pineing for the fjords.
  2. pomps
    poor chap on the right seems to be running out of cam cream!!?? :wink:
  3. jonny3979
    The more I look at that pic, the more I reckon the bloke on the left has a really small heed!
  4. Big_Mike
    what a crap exercise that was!
  5. fruitbat119
    ah vic reeves in 95's :wink: