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Mummys Little Soldier

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5676 6312 Me playing Guitar GD Shadow, Kesh 79 474 The Fly you polystyrene parrot Mummys Little Soldier 2805 My granddad just before WW2    8th Regiment Infantry,Royal Netherlands Army ahh bless im that my boy with his first stripe Me climbing at Guildford 4107 4185 the end of the world! 5144
  1. liz_the_nurse
    Actually no he hasn't, but he did turn up to the cardiff crawl to display his dancing skills
  2. babyblue
    awwwwwww Hello Taff 8)
  3. Door_Bundle_Mk2
    You MUST have fucked him babyglue. You adore the dirty cock by all accounts.
  4. babyblue
    :roll: here we go AGAIN
    Taff Guy aka FAT Heed!!! hey up mukka how goes that dodgy S. Wales post ya Fookin DRUID!!!