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mud run

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life in an Infantry Bn 1980's Germany The Memorial to the Women of WWII RRS Capbadge 3 SCOTS TOS and hackle The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 3099 3403 mud run geimproviseerd VTG :D 4536 Irish parade TA100 Freedom of the city Parade, Southampton 21.6.08 Baron Castleshort Medals 2007 7140 7198 The Chieftains
  1. booty_cadet
    Looks like part of a video for RM. We got given it at our unit the other day. It looks like a screen shot
    prancing about like that...wotever next ?
  3. cdo_gunner
    Ah, Lympstone's world famous mud spa health and beauty center
  4. Bad_Crow
    Faggots. in my day you did it wearing your bergan. At night... In the dark. After sunset!
  5. kravchick2000
    Bad_Crow, uphill? Five miles? While it was raining?