MotorMan, 1981

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Dale, without a balloon or ice cream desert RANGER Jerry Conners (Chinese Bandit 13) Me Medieval  walt 5962 Me MotorMan, 1981 6988 son of dance event- vauxhall Seat Arosa!! The faceless wonders behind the Lab at BMH Shaibah! Oct 2003 A youthful Take That RSM TRF 552 585
  1. rebel_with_a_cause
    Certainly looks like a Mini Jim
  2. pensionprisoner
    its a reme tech sgt!
  3. kabulronin
    It is Jim Shortt and didn't you know he was invited to join them at 5 and passed selection then
  4. Geordie_Blerk
    Oooh goody! Let's mention yet again James Shortt as there are not enough boring, vomit inducing threads about him. Usually initiated by boring ***** like Killoe, Blue Sophist and Barking Spider :roll: I wouldn't mind but none of the 1323 threads started about him have come to any fruition as those involved are bagless wonders!
  5. deangilson