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Westland Wapiti, 84 Sqn, Iraq Can I keep this? B Sqn QRL On Patrol  00 Lynx LSB & M3 side by side chinook resupply Sunny Iraq - Jan 06 Mortars Hanger built from Sheffield Steel, Ironic when the airfield had incoming from the rag heads 4220 Shaibah at dusk good landing if rolled JHF building B Sqn QRL On Patrol 5401 Last night in Iraq
  1. Fallschirmjager
  2. Vonshot
    Keep them coming FJ, excellent photos, wheres No 3?
  3. Toon~France
    is THAT what a mortar is cheers bud
  4. busyballs
    To go with the bricks?? :twisted:
  5. shortshelflife
    christ, how many to use it. have the ever used a law94? :eek: