Mortars (3 Para)

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Irish Embassy Kuwait ANY ONE FOR BRASS 4314 Michael Jackson - nope not that one!! MT CREW AND MARTIN BELL AND OUR MAN OF GOD 6246 Ba'th party HQ 2 Mortars (3 Para) Going Gone.. GOOD MORNING IRAQ Road to Shaibah B Sqn QRL on Patrol The Warrior 16996260313 Telic 2 BSR Front 1043
  1. pomps
    fantastic pic
  2. Vonshot
    Excellent photos !!!
  3. flowers
    Awesome piccie :-D
  4. armchair_jihad
    Very nice indeed - have you shown this to the press agencies Fallschirmjager?
  5. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    hope he doesnt pick up that bottle of water instead of a mortar round, melted plastic is a twot to clean up.