MIG21 Shaiba Gate

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  1. sweatysock
    That's an old photo. The Choggies have stripped it now :roll:
  2. Tubs
    Great landing! :lol:
  3. polar69
    perfect 3 point landing
  4. silverstar189
    yeah...by telic 5 the thingwas already off the plinth...
  5. rekcabnekcir
    On Telic 2 (prob dec 03/jan 04) my call sign was tasked here as some fcukers tried to nick this by using a welding torch to cut the wing off. The locals at the little group of buildings there sold me the story that a van of armed men came to take it and they lobbed a few grenades over the wire into camp into the bargain. (Well thats what my vocab cards reckoned they said aynway!) Obviously we were wasting our time as someone eventually nicked it the end!