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Michael Jackson - nope not that one!!

And we only have tea to offer u sir <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png"...
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Rhodri Morgan MP - Shaibah March 1st 2005 Fwd Pl - 2Bn REME - Op Telic 1 3 Para Mortars T72 V's Javlin Irish Embassy Kuwait ANY ONE FOR BRASS 4314 Michael Jackson - nope not that one!! MT CREW AND MARTIN BELL AND OUR MAN OF GOD 6246 Ba'th party HQ 2 Mortars (3 Para) Going Gone.. GOOD MORNING IRAQ Road to Shaibah B Sqn QRL on Patrol
And we only have tea to offer u sir :)
  1. Proper_Gander
    wish I had 3 dwarves too
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    Did this Michael Jackson fcuk kids at Neverland?
  3. Gashbasher
    "Look I know he's a useless soldier sir, but he's a damn good shag !"
  4. Pimms_oclock
    Not convinced it really the the auror of $ht he could smell, he decided to test the air with his tongue?
  5. BRMoore
    nah its his radar...i taste bullshit...capt?