Members of 3 Para mortars in kajaki

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WMIK patrol in Nowzad Securing the HLS Between Gereshk and FOB Rob 3 PARA sniper Troops going into outskirts of Musaqula Mud pies Incoming tracer from DHSKer. Members of 3 Para mortars in kajaki WMIK & Viking patrol TLZ Patrol, Bastion 7219 Top route selection Living the dream 3 Para mortars firing in Kajaki RWMIK with grenade MG TLZ Patrol, Bastion
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  2. huscarl
    3 Para Mortars, some things don't change over the years do they :yawnstretch:
  3. milsum
    Cheeky. Are they standard issue? I will ask my QM for a pair.
  4. chiefy253
    i know kit issues are bad but come on lads sort it classic pic :thumright:
  5. sapper27
    there seems to be a lot of gay rumours about 3 para mortars.... :eek:
  6. BRMoore
    put some cam cream on those cheeks