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  1. Double_Duck
    No that was me HT, i dont mind a bit of grooming in my spare time.. :p As for chavvy bird, no thanks.
  2. acp290885
    I would, and so would my girlfriend.... hopefully.
  3. TankiesYank
    Unfortunately, the pint of foundation you're wearing doesn't hide your ginger freckles. Fortunately, the men on this site who are PMing you for sex won't mind.
  4. threaders_vm
    Hello Lily. Ignore these terrible people. Any chance I can see where you piss from?
  5. Rumpelstiltskin
    Yeah, the cheeky black velour tracksuit and deathly corpse pallor's doing it for me. I'll give you two bottles of blue WKD for a go on your extra-wide hoop.