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Captain_Crusty at Barrybudden camp BATUS 1986. 3062 The top and bottom of my uniform ;) me receiving from gen.filasere' my para wings. 5053 me 6097 The only pic of me in uniform - and it's a tiny one. Blewbury Centre - Post hack pose Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82 Milan Sect, B Coy, 1PWO, Bosina '93 (Op Grapple 2) weapons training at Barrybudden camp HVM Boy's Gash What the F..K am I doing here
  1. bergo
    What gay club are you on the door of?
  2. starfire
    i want to lick your head!.....and the one attached to your neck!! slurrrrp!
  3. dumdum
    so the hair transplant didn't work then?
  4. liverpains
    was this the last pic before the undertaker put the lid on his coffin?
  5. buster179595
    i s s s s s s ssay Mr Dead you doin