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not a very good picture. hope you like it
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Moi 1150 S30B 1312 medman meets goofy 1859 bring it on ! me me in the middle 2712 HTiger Me (Yes, I'm prepared for the worst. My son is a bad-ass blackwater mercenary! And my husband was Le Son of Lash op telic 1 British Fem or Spanish Marine with hairy armpits? Well would you? Me & Warrior IFV Dale, without a balloon or ice cream
not a very good picture. hope you like it
  1. GunzablazinUK
    Gwyneth Paltrow on smack??
  2. roseandpose
    No, the photo's fine. It's you that's not very good
  3. amiano
    did you shave all your hair off and become the commander of the "Nostromo"? wheres the cat?
    dont look that bad..infact...........
  5. jobsworth
    cheeky, any chance I can come around and lick your tuppence??? and then shit on your tits