Me with 2 Peshmerga Fighters in Irbil Iraq.

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No more mini skirts for you,old son me 1985 craig410 Counter Battery what I did at the weekend Stumpy at rest after a hard day at the office.BBK Another boring day in the Office! Me with 2 Peshmerga Fighters in Irbil Iraq. copterman Eat my dust Rocketeer's C.O. and Adt. Now that what  I call real camouflage 2804 THIS SHOULD BE GOOD Capt Plume does CIMIC me at home in oz pre iraq down with work!
  1. cdn_spr
    I think you need a bigger id wallet......
  2. i8crows
    whio do you think you are? lara croft :lol:
  3. skymacuk
    ah kenneth nice pic
  4. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    are you about to dance like they do in 'fiddler on the roof'?
  5. showman00
    the 2 boyos are standing as far as poss away as they know that their brother the sniper is a crap shot